Lemaris Lorenzo

is a fashion designer, sustainability advocate, multi-media artist, academic lecturer and public speaker born in Puerto Rico and residing in Paris. After earning her Master's Degree in Contemporary Fashion Design from the prestigious International Fashion Academy in France; Lemaris was invited to become part of the Faculty. During her tenure as professor, she developed and taught courses in Textile Innovation and Sustainable Fashion Design at their campus in Paris, France.

Throughout her time in Europe, Lorenzo participated in an exchange program at the Lorenzo Di Medici Center in Florence, Italy. Here she developed her expertise in the business, financial and merchandise aspects of the fashion industry. After residing in Paris she was honored to present her MA Capsule Collection in the most recognized fashion platform in the industry, Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week. In her collections Lemaris explores innovative ways to create sustainable wearable pieces with a foundation in nuanced details and premium craftsmanship. Influenced by her Latin American roots and experiences living in NYC and Europe, her work speaks to a universal language of quality, timeless style and wearability. Her design experience was enriched after working as an Assistant Designer with the American Fashion Designer Katie Ermilio at the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA).

Lemaris opened her first Fashion and Production Atelier in her hometown, Puerto Rico. From this studio the LemLoren team is transforming materials in the handmade creation of reusable face masks. Her work has been featured in the most recognized media outlets such as: El Nuevo Dia, Caras, IN Puerto Rico Magazine, DeBoulevard, El Vocero and Primera Hora among others.