Our Story

LEMLOREN is a premium artisan lifestyle brand. Bringing you a new version of sustainability & craftsmanship with each design.

Founded in August 2011 & relaunched in Paris with a capsule collection YUBA presented at the recognized platform Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week in January, 2019 with a new name: LEMLOREN. Our intention is to reduce the environmental impact in the production. Our commitment is to create high quality products in a sustainable manner.

We speak to a universal language of quality, timeless style and wearability.



Transparency, passion, high quality and craftsmanship, social and environmental responsibility, honesty, education, innovation, and community.



LEMLOREN has the mission of transforming haute couture into an atemporal, versatile, and everyday-use style. We're focused on perfecting and innovating haute couture elegance and sophistication to fit in with day to day contemporary charm. We'll achieve this by preserving the essence of artisanal work and craftsmanship, were local production processes and sustainable practices, initiatives and values are unified. LEMLOREN is committed to co-creating a sustainable future for our communities through design, experiences, seminars, and cultural exchanges. 



LEMLOREN is envisioned on exposing, elevating and promoting Puerto Rico's westside Caribbean charm to the rest of the island and the world by promoting an atemporal style, high-quality artisanship and craftsmanship, and social and environmental sustainability.