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Dolmain Blouse (Short sleeve)

Dolmain Blouse (Short sleeve)

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Product Name:

Dolmain Blouse (Short sleeve)

Brief product description: 

The Dolmain Blouse (Short sleeve) its a variation to its long sleeve sister. Thanks to its silk ribbon closure, it has an open-back, adjustable cleavage. The ribbon allows the client to play around with the size of the cleavage and the overall fit of the blouse. 

Our intention is to elevate your style with a versatile, sustainable and elegant design product.


94% Polyester, 6%Elastane

Care Instructions:

  • Dry clean only
  • Steam only

Born in Paris. Proudly designed and crafted in our Atelier on Aguada, Puerto Rico.

(Model wears One size in all colors.)

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